Foreign and local media representatives who plan to cover the early presidential election in the Republic of Uzbekistan, scheduled for July 9, 2023, can participate in the preparations and conduct of the election after accreditation by the Central Election Commission.

Accredited media representatives will be issued mandates as proof of their authorization.

The procedures for media accreditation, including the rights and obligations of accredited representatives, are set by the CEC Resolution No. 952, dated October 5, 2019.

Applications for accreditation of media representatives will be accepted from May 20, 2023, to June 28, 18:00.


Representatives of foreign media, including those accredited by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, are requested to submit the required documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for accreditation by the Central Election Commission.


These documents include the following:

1. a copy of the employee's identity document (pdf);

2. completed accreditation form for each media representative (pdf);




3. a copy of the certificate of accreditation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (pdf);

an electronic color photograph of the employee against a white background, 3x4 cm (file specifications: jpeg, at least 100 KB, 600 dpi, filename shall consist of surname and name of the person pictured; the photo taken within the last 90 days, the face and upper part of shoulders are visible). The quality of the photo must be suitable for use in the certificate.



The accreditation period for media representatives begins on the day an accreditation mandate is issued and ends on the day of the official announcement of the election results.

Accredited media representatives must always wear a badge as proof of accreditation in a visible place while visiting the premises of the election commissions, state authorities, and other organizations, including meetings, press conferences, and other election events.

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